Elizabeth Hohner

Club caller and cuer Elizabeth Hohner.

Elizabeth graduated from square dance beginner’s class in 1976 under the guidance of Norm & Mary Graham and the Travelling Squares Square Dance Club in Nanaimo. She stayed with the Travelling Squares for about 10 years until the necessity to move locations for work stopped her from carrying on.

She took time out to raise a family and to pursue other interests. 23 yrs later!! …after the passing of second husband in 2008, she returned to square dancing to fill a void.

Since she expressed an interest to “try” calling, her father (a pro after 34 yrs of calling) said he would delay his retirement from Square dance calling for 1 year to teach her how to do it. This started her apprenticeship under the fantastic tutelage of her father and mentor, Mike Groenendyk. Added to the lessons on learning how to call, she also learned how to cue Round Dances under the able direction of her mother, Lena Groenendyk, who had been doing the cueing as long as her father had called.

She shared duties with them for the Circle Eights Club in Qualicum Beach for one year before taking over as caller the following year when they both retired from calling and cueing.

She became a member of the Upper Vancouver Island Caller Teachers Association and also the Victoria and District Caller Teacher Association to ensure she was able to call anywhere on the Island as a Club Caller in those areas.

She called for Circle Eights for two seasons 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, until the club folded for lack of active dancing members. During the same 2 seasons, she was also hired on as caller-cuer for the Frontier Twirlers in Victoria, remaining active in both clubs from 2010 through the 2012 seasons.

A year off for oral surgery and recuperation put her out of calling for the following season, but as soon as she was able, she picked up her music and got right back to practising, taking in a week of training under Darryl Clendenin at the Circle Eight Ranch in Cle-Elum Washington as a boost to get her going again.

The 2013-2014 season had her filling in as guest caller for anyone who was unavailable to call a dance, as well as sharing some calling duties with Garry Dodds for the Frontier Twirlers for the 2014-2015 season. Given her work schedule, this was sometimes a daunting task!

She has been keeping active promoting square dancing and following through with promotional events such as fundraisers, and a demo dance for Canada Day along the Gorge waterway.

The Promenaders are pleased to welcome her as our club caller starting Sept 2015

SD 6

Elizabeth calls on July 1 2015 at the Gorge